5/8″ Plastic Cap Staple Gun

  • Shoots Laser Welded Caps
  • High Capacity Easy Bottom Load Magazine
  • 360 Rotational Exhaust
  • Quick Clear Cap Window

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The PneuTools RC58-II is the Original Plastic Cap Stapler that started it all! Use the RC58-II to speedily install Black Paper, House Wrap, Lumber Wrap, or even Silt Fence. With its Small Body, Compact Design, Industrial Strength, but Light-Weight Housing, this RC58-II Plastic Cap Stapler is the Top of the Line in its class. PneuTools designed a revolutionary new housing, so there are no clumsy, or easily torn loose hoses anywhere on the tool- unlike its competitors. Its ergonomically designed handle and rubber grip mean comfort and consistent ease of operation. This Plastic Cap Tool uses 20ga. “F” Series 5/8” Staples with Laser Welded Caps, so you don’t have to worry about loose caps flipping, jamming, spilling, or falling apart anywhere, like with String or Wire Collated Caps. The Laser Welded Caps are small enough to fill a pocket or tool pouch with- not like the bulky & cumbersome spools that unravel, & can’t be taken onto the roof. There are Compact, High Capacity, Easy Load Magazines for both the Caps and Staples. A Quick Clear Cap Window allows for quickly removing any jam on site without having to take anything apart. A 360° Rotational Deflector allows the operator to conveniently direct exhaust wherever they desire, and there is a Sturdy Metal Belt Hook located on the side of the tool, so you don’t have to worry about a tool sliding off of the roof because of belt hook failure.