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The PneuTools RC150 was the Original Plastic Cap Stapler that started it all! You could use the RC150 to speedily install Black Paper, House Wrap, Lumber Wrap, or even Silt Fence. With its Small Body, Compact Design, Industrial Strength, but Light-Weight Housing, this RC150 Plastic Cap Stapler was the Top of the Line in its class. Its ergonomically designed handle and rubber grip meant comfort and consistent ease of operation. This Plastic Cap Tool uses 18ga. 1/4″ Crown, 1” – 1 1/2″ Staples with String Collated Caps. There are Compact, High Capacity, Easy Load Magazines for both Caps and Staples. There is a Sturdy Metal Belt Hook located on the side of the tool, so you don’t have to worry about a tool sliding off of the roof because of belt hook failure. This RC150 has now been upgraded to a more compact & robust model, in the 2nd Generation Tool- the RC150-II. Visit the RC150-II page to see the newly redesigned tool with all of its new features and abilities!