Metal Connector Nailer

  • Sequential Fire Trigger
  • Convenient Belt Hook
  • 360° Rotational Exhaust
  • Easy View Nail Tip

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Schematic and Part Numbers
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  • Fastener Type:                  34 Deg. Metal Connector Nails
  • Size Range:                     1-1/2”,  .131 – .148
  • Magazine Capacity:              31 Nails


The PneuTools MC-150 is a Single-Blow Metal Connector Nailer for Joist Hanger, Truss Installation, Fencing, and Frame Installation applications. This nailer’s industrial strength, and ergonomically designed rubber handle means comfort and consistent ease of operation. The MC-150’s Compact Design allows users to operate Easily and Effectively in Tight Places. With a Sequential Fire Trigger and Reverse Safety, the user can operate the tool Worry Free. The MC150 also features a High Capacity, Two-Step Easy Load Magazine, and a 360° Rotational Deflector to conveniently direct exhaust wherever the operator desires. The PneuTool MC150 uses 34° Degree 1½” Positive Placement Nails with a Nail Shank of .131 – .148 and a Head Diameter of .287. It also has an Easy View, Nail Point Installation Nose, so no clumsy probe is needed.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12.80 x 4.7 x 10.50 in
Operating Pressure

Fastener Capacity